About Us:

Krakatoa KaBlamo posted Aug 26, 13
Dark/Light Holiday: We may be that guild you are looking for!

We are a mature guild where our main goal is to enjoy all aspects of the game together. One of our most distinguishing features is a laid-back, no-stress environment. There is no pressure to play or log on daily for several hours; you are free to play as you wish, to do what you want when you want. We have an active voice server for operations (PVE), events, PVP, flash points, dailies, or just talking and socializing in general. We are filled with helpful members, have a useful and informative website, and most importantly, have a great social gaming attitude.

We are a tight-knit community with a medium sized, yet very active roster; to support this we require certain criteria to be eligible for the hardcore group, but minimal criteria for normal mode groups. Our schedules may change to accommodate RL conflicts such as holidays or emergencies, but most events are designed for night-time players. Guild raid times for Light (Jedi) and Dark (Sith) Holiday are listed here on our calendar. We currently offer two hardmode raiding teams, and open normal mode groups for varying levels of skill and goals.

Are you interested in the challenge of end-game PvE while having a good time? Busy with RL until late at night, tired of unpleasant pugs? Looking for a stable, reputable guild? Open up that canned ham (or grab some toast - we won't judge!), sit back, and relax; and you will see that we are that guild you have been looking for!